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Mold industry market capacity analysis

1, mold industry market capacity analysis In recent years, China’s mold industry sales revenue continues to grow in 2014, the mold industry sales revenue of 2,474.19 billion yuan, an increase of 16.11%, by 2015, China’s mold industry sales revenue reached 249.848 billion yuan, an increase of 0.98%. 2009-2014, China’s mold industry sales rate in the […]

Mold maintenance and maintenance instructions

First, the purpose: So that equipment can maintain the best performance status and extend the service life, to ensure the normal production. two. Scope of application: For mold maintenance and repair. three. Regular inspection, maintenance: Need to be repaired by the mold, the upper and lower mold staff for regular maintenance and inspection. 1. Daily […]

Why build prototypes in China?

This is a mini series on rapid prototyping in China.  You’ve got an investor meeting in two weeks. The electronics and software look solid and the mechanical and industrial design is ready. All that remains is re-creating this design in real life. You could work with the local machine shop. Or you could try making the […]

What is the difference between the CNC’ed parts and 3D printed parts?

3D Printing and CNC machining process both are one of the most common ways of rapid prototyping,but you may not know what is the difference between them for a lot of people. Here our company’s engineer will help you to analyze the difference between them.   Different material processing principle 3D printing a programmed laser is […]