Small quantity prototype service

1,Vacuum casting need to do prototype before machining.We usually make prototype by CNC machining or 3D printing .After prototype complete ,we put it in the mold then fill the mold with liquid material.Suture the mold with a needle.Open the mold after the liquid has solidified and take out the prototype.The material of vacuum casting have ABS ,PP,PC,POM,PA, rubber etc.

2,Silicone mold:Mainly used for small quantity prototype.Short production time and low cost .But the precision and performance are not good as CNC machining .

The probability of vacuum casting making a mistake parts is very small.If prototype is ok,there will not have any question with product.

But the disadvantage of small quantity prototype is the product will be affected by heat expansion and cold contraction.So the product will have a little shrink.