Medical prototype manufcturer

Medical prototype manufacturer only do prototype ,very few direct make mold.Because the medical prototype have strict requirement for precision.The greater the precision error of the prototype will affect the results of product verification, the precision of the prototype and processing equipment has a great relationship.

Prototype is very important before making a mold,if you not making the prototype ,please don’t choose to directly make mold.Once there have problem with design,it will make the mold scrapped.

The prototype can check the apperance ,structure and size of the product.It can show the ideas of product designers in front of their eyes.Medical companies need medical prototype to verify whether the design is reasonable.

Medical compaines usually do prototype verification to see if there are any shortcomings. This is a very critical link in the development of new products. Without this link, direct mold production may have problematic products, which will consume a lot of manpower and material resources.

The medical prototype processing methods include CNC processing and 3D printing。

First of all, the customer provides us with 3D drawings. If there is no 3D drawings, we need to find someone to design them. If there are real objects, we can directly copy 3D。

We can make the following materials for the prototype of medical:

1,ABS: plastic materials commonly used in the prototype industry, with good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, can be dismantled and processed at will, can meet the basic requirements of products in various industries

2,PC: high impact strength, good dimensional stability, colorless and transparent, good coloring, electrical insulation, good wear resistance, can withstand high temperature, is a transparent material.

3,PMMA: commonly known as acrylic, good transparency, transparent effect is better than PC material, and excellent heat resistance.

4,POM: It is a kind of hard and compact material with smooth surface and good gloss. It has good bending strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for making some gear parts

5,PP: polypropylene, small density, strength and hardness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100°

6,PA: also known as nylon, high mechanical strength, good toughness, non-viscose water, not recommended for disassembly processing

7,PPS: is a high temperature resistant material, can be 230 degrees temperature without deformation.

In addition to the above commonly used plastic materials, there are some materials can also be made of medical equipment prototype: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PBT, PEEK, bakelite, epoxy resin and so on, these materials we often use to do prototype.

If you need to make medical prototype ,please don’t hesitate to contact us .