CNC Milling Aluminum Parts With Powder Coating

The Advantage And The Disvantage Of Powder Spraying Technology

The Advantage And The Disvantage Of Powder Spraying Technology
About the casting parts,generally we will use powder coating process to do the surface treatment,which can cover the rough surface of metal parts.Below is some information about the powder coating process.
1.High construction efficiency.
For coating the parts with wide place,we can use multiple electrostatic spray gun to spray the parts at the same time,which can save the coating time.
2.The quality of coating is great,such as the adhesive force ,the corrosion resistance and the physical strength.
3.A thicker coating can be obtain with one spray.
4.Powder coating can cover some defect of parts,which can not be make by painting.Also,powder coating is more environmental-frinedly because the material is nontoxic.
5.Strict environmental protection measures are not required when we do powder coating because this process is no pollution to the air.Also,it wont have the problem such as exhaust emission.

1.Powder coating process is not suitable for spraying the parts with complicated structure.
2.The operator need to be very careful when spraying,otherwise,it will cause electric shock and set fire alarm.
3.The adhesion and durability are not well, and the control effect is unstable.
4.There will be dust during construction, which requires a special recovery system, which requires a large investment.
5.Paintability is worse than paint a little.