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Metal 3D printing

  Metal 3D printing What is metal 3D printing? Metal 3D printing is a process of manufacturing three-dimensional parts based on digital files. It usually uses layer-by-layer processing or solidification of thin metal powder materials to make complete parts. This technology can produce complex parts that cannot be achieved by traditional techniques such as die […]

The Difference Between CNC Milling And CNC Turning Process

The Difference Between CNC Milling And CNC Turning Porcess 1.Working principles is different. The working principles of CNC turning machine is that the parts is rotating,and the tooling is moving when machining. On the contrary,the tooling of CNC milling machine is rotating,the parts is moving when maching. 2.Programming is different. We need to put the […]

What are the advantages of SLS 3d printing process?

Compared with other rapid prototyping processes,the SLS 3d printing process for prototype production is unique in that it can directly produce metal prototypes.At the same time,this process also has the following advantages: The SLS 3d printing process is relatively simple,depending on the type and particle size of the material used,and the geometry and complexity of […]

The Importance Of Painting Prototype

The Importance Of Painting Prototype Painting process is one of the surface treatment that be widely use for products.Below is some advantage of the painting for product. 1.Painting can cover the slight flaw on the surface of product; 2.Product can obtain a variety of surfaces by painting,such as color and gloss. 3.Increasing the surface hardness […]

Die casting-Aluminum part

Aiming at the shortcomings of die-cast aluminum: “Due to the high speed of liquid metal filling the cavity when die-casting aluminum, the fluid state is unstable, so the general die-casting aluminum method is used, and the casting is prone to pores and cannot be heat treated.” So it is easy to cause poor appearance of […]

What Is The Difference Between Anodizing And Painting

What Is The Difference Between Anodizing And Painting 1.Material. Painting can be used in plastic made parts and metal made parts,but anodizing only can be used in aluminum alloy made parts. 2.The persistance of color. Painting is making the parts coated with a layer paint,which might will come off with the time goes on.Anodizing is […]

What are the classifications of toy prototypes?

According to the materials used, the processing of toy prototypes can be divided into: plastic silicone and metal materials. And According to the product effect to be achieved by level, it can be divided into: appearance, structure and main function prototype. Appearance prototype: Mainly inspect the appearance of the design, which requires high requirements for […]

Wax 3D Printing – How To 3D Print Wax

Wax 3D Printing – How To 3D Print Wax Red wax is a high temperature resistant resin.They have an opaque pink appearance and suitable for parts requiring high hard and high temperature.    Performance date:The thickness of each layer is 0.025mm.Error range +/-0.025mm.The recommended minimum wall thickness is 0.5mm. Suitable for small size models with high […]

The Advanatge And Disadvantage Of SLS 3D Printing

The Advanatge And Disadvantage Of SLS 3D Printing Advantage 1.Most materials can be used for SLS 3D printing,such as ceramic powder,nylon powder,etc. 2.The precision of parts by SLS printing is about ±0.2mm. 3.SLS printing do not require the structural support when working. 4.The material for SLS printing have high utilization,and the price is cheaper than […]