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CNC machine Car bumper prototype

CNC machine Car bumper prototype CNC machining CNC machining material according to the path set by the program , remove excess from the material. Manual polish After CNC machining, the surface of the bumper prototype is very rough, with many rough edges and knife marks.which need to be polished off,to make the surface of the bumper prototype look smoother,then […]

The Advantage And The Disadvantage Of SLA 3D Printing

The Advantage And The Disadvantage Of SLA 3D Printing We usually will use 3D printing process for making industrial prototype.Below is some feature of 3d printing for reference. Advantage: 1.SLA 3d printing has more development experience,which is more mature than other 3D printing process and be use widely. 2.SLA 3d printing has more prototyping time […]

The way of making large-scale prototype

In the rapid prototyping industry, most of making the prototypes are small size of prototype,then the small size of the prototype will does not exceed the machine’s processing stroke, so the processing is relatively easy.But sometimes, the rapid prototyping manufacturer will also encounter some customer requirements to produce larger size prototype, especially the length of the […]

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have 1.Surface Finish. The surface of the metal parts that make by 3D printing is very rough. 2.Pore. The inner of 3D printed metal parts will have small pore if the metal powder is not fully melted.These samll pore will reduce the density of parts and cause the crack […]

Silicone prototype

Silicone is a kind of plastic products mainly used for making prototype models,and often used to make various silicone models. Silicone prototype is used on small products or products with good patterns,It is necessary to use soft silicone rubber to make the mold. This is because the precise and small products are easy to be […]

The Feature Of Injection Moulding

The Feature Of Injection Moulding 1.The injection moulded parts is with high precision and small tolerance. 2.The moulded parts has small weight deviationas,generally under 0.7%. 3.The material of mould is good,which make it has great rigidity.The mold cavity also have high precision dimensions,surface roughness and positional accuracy between template. 4.Using precision injection machine. 5.Using precision […]