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The Process Of CNC Machining

The Process Of CNC Machining 1.Confirm the machining area and the specification of machined parts. a)Firstly,determine what process has been used to process this workpiece before and what process will be used to process it, and then confirm the relationship between these processes. b)The condition of the workpiece before.For example,it was a casting parts or […]

Analysis of the five elements that need to be met in injection molding

Plastic molding is the process of making various forms (powders, pellets, solutions and dispersion) of plastics into products or blanks in the desired shape.The manufacturing process of most cosmetic packaging materials is mainly through the four key processes of mold molding, surface treatment,printing,and assembly.The molding process is an indispensable key part.Injection molding is a method […]

Sheet Metal Working

Sheet Metal Working With the characteristics of light weight, high strength, conductivity, low cost and good mass production performance,metal plate is a technology that has been widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, communication, automobile industry, medical devices and other fields. For example,it is an essential part in computer chassis, mobile phone,and so on. The […]

Rapid prototyping manufacturing service

The inspection design prototype is not only visible,but also touchable. Therefore,the prototype can vividly reflect the artistic creativity of the interior designer in a physical way,preventing “drawing beautifully but making it unsightly”Shortcomings.So,prototype manufacturing is indispensable in the development of new products and the deliberation of product appearance. Check the structural design.Since the prototype is installable,the prototype […]

CNC Milling Machining Technology

CNC Milling Machining Technology The process of CNC machining have much impact on the quality of the product that produced by CNC machining,and the CNC machine play an important role in the CNC machining ptocess. Comparing with the normal machine,the CNC machine have some characteristics as below: A,It has strong adaptability to the processing object, […]

CNC turning machining Service

CNC turning is one of the most basic and most commonly used cutting processing methods.For most work pieces with revolving surfaces,it can be processed by CNC turning machine,such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces,inner and outer tapered surfaces,end surfaces, grooves,threads,and rotary forming surfaces, etc. . With the development of modern technology,there are more and more […]

Acrylic Rapid Prototpying

Acrylic Rapid Prototpying We usually will use acrylic or PC as material to make prototypes if we need the parts be transparent or semi-transparent.If we have high requirement about the transparency of the product,acrylic is a great choice. Acrylic,we also call it as PMMA,which is a organic glass.Below is some information about acrylic made prototype. […]

Application of ABS material in 3D printing

ABS is one of the main materials for 3D printing.The reason why it can become a consumable for 3D printing is determined by its characteristics. ABS materials have heat resistance,impact resistance,low temperature resistance,chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties,Product dimension stability and other characteristics. At present,ABS is the most stable material among 3D printing materials. It […]

Car rear light prototype manufacturing

Car rear light prototype manufacturing Name:car rear light prototype   Color:can custom any color according customer requirements.   Material:PC,TransparentPMMA,ABS,POM   Size:The dimensions of 3D drawings provided by customers shall prevail Time:8days   Types:prototype of auto parts   Characteristics of prototype:   1,Clear lines,relying on imported equipment and unique process design, precision machining makes the line […]