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How To Choose The Steel Material Of Mold For Plastic Parts

How To Choose The Steel Material Of Mold For Plastic Parts The selection of the forming parts materials The forming parts is the mould parts that contact directly with the plastic parts to make them formed,such as cavity, mold core, sliding block, insert, inclined top, side pull ans so on. The material of the forming […]

How does the prototype manufacturer process the surface?

Manual grinding and polishing This method does not require special equipment, and its adaptability is relatively strong, mainly depends on the experience and technical level of the worker, and the efficiency is low (about 1/3 of the entire prototype model cycle). Digital prototype polishing machine This polishing tool adopts digital control, digital display and control […]

CNC Machining And Die Casting Process

CNC Machining And Die Casting Process For metal made product,we all know they can be made by CNC machining process or die casting process,but there are much difference between them. CNC machining is a precision machining process,including CNC milling,CNC turning,CNC drilling,etc.The Advantage of CNC machining is as following. A,CNC machining can process the workpieces with […]

Making Acrylic Prototype By 3D Printing,Vacuum Casting Or CNC Machining

Making Acrylic Prototype By 3D Printing,Vacuum Casting Or CNC Machining For small batch production,if we need to make the plastic product with acrylic material,generally we will prefer to make them by 3D printing process,vacuum casting process or CNC machining process.We can make the acrylic product by all this three process,but there is much difference bewteen […]

Prototype model can avoid the risk of making molds

Prototype models can avoid the risk of producing molds, reduce the time for products to come out, and have a great help in seizing the market. You can also use the prototype products for publicity planning before the development and design of the model, and even make early market sales. And the production site management […]

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machining metal sheet material also called as metal plate fabrication,which mainly include cutting,bending,brake forming,stamping,welding,riveting and so on.Regarding sheet metal,we probably can understand that is a parts of constant thickness during processing. Sheet metal is widely used in mechanical manufacturing,for example,we usuallly will use metal plate for making chimney,metal bucket,ventilation shaft,oiler,etc. About the […]

The Process Of CNC Machining

The Process Of CNC Machining 1.Confirm the machining area and the specification of machined parts. a)Firstly,determine what process has been used to process this workpiece before and what process will be used to process it, and then confirm the relationship between these processes. b)The condition of the workpiece before.For example,it was a casting parts or […]

Analysis of the five elements that need to be met in injection molding

Plastic molding is the process of making various forms (powders, pellets, solutions and dispersion) of plastics into products or blanks in the desired shape.The manufacturing process of most cosmetic packaging materials is mainly through the four key processes of mold molding, surface treatment,printing,and assembly.The molding process is an indispensable key part.Injection molding is a method […]

Sheet Metal Working

Sheet Metal Working With the characteristics of light weight, high strength, conductivity, low cost and good mass production performance,metal plate is a technology that has been widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, communication, automobile industry, medical devices and other fields. For example,it is an essential part in computer chassis, mobile phone,and so on. The […]

Rapid prototyping manufacturing service

The inspection design prototype is not only visible,but also touchable. Therefore,the prototype can vividly reflect the artistic creativity of the interior designer in a physical way,preventing “drawing beautifully but making it unsightly”Shortcomings.So,prototype manufacturing is indispensable in the development of new products and the deliberation of product appearance. Check the structural design.Since the prototype is installable,the prototype […]