CNC machine Car bumper prototype

CNC machine Car bumper prototype

CNC machining

CNC machining material according to the path set by the program , remove excess from the material.

Manual polish

After CNC machining, the surface of the bumper prototype is very rough, with many rough edges and knife marks.which need to be polished off,to make the surface of the bumper prototype look smoother,then sand it with coarse sandpaper before polishing it with fine sandpaper.

Put togethe

All parts of the bumper prototype are glued together. As the bumper prototype is made of ABS with good adhesion, its splicing has little impact on the strength.


Paint the prototype sample with color according to the customer’s requirements. If the customer has special requirements, he/she should provide us with the corresponding pantone color number.

SLA 3D Printing For Plastic Rapid Prototyping

The Advantage And The Disadvantage Of SLA 3D Printing

The Advantage And The Disadvantage Of SLA 3D Printing

We usually will use 3D printing process for making industrial prototype.Below is some feature of 3d printing for reference.

1.SLA 3d printing has more development experience,which is more mature than other 3D printing process and be use widely.
2.SLA 3d printing has more prototyping time and more stable working system.
3.The precision of parts by SLA printing will be more high than SLS 3d printing.
4.The surface of parts by SLA 3d printing will be better than SLS 3d printing.
5.SLA 3d printing can print big dimension model.
1.The model of SLA printing need the structure supported.
2.Unless to use the high temperature resistant resin as material, otherwise the machining temperature can not exceed 100℃ because the normal resin will melt if the temperature are too high.

The way of making large-scale prototype

In the rapid prototyping industry, most of making the prototypes are small size of prototype,then the small size of the prototype will does not exceed the machine’s processing stroke, so the processing is relatively easy.But sometimes, the rapid prototyping manufacturer will also encounter some customer requirements to produce larger size prototype, especially the length of the prototype more than 1000mm, but that will more than CNC processing travel of a lot of rapid prototyping manufacturer, and the Processing will be more difficult.In view of this situation what processing method should be used more suitable for making large-scale prototype ?

When making large-size prototype, it is mainly because of its large volume. Therefore, if the machining stroke of CNC is relatively small, we need to disassemble the prototype for production, and then glue each part together.But in here we need to pay more attention to the choice of material, this way of producing the prototypes can not affect the strength and appearance of the prototype.3d printing is an expensive way to produce prototypes. The main reason is that the materials in this way are more expensive. Large-size prototype naturally require more materials.And some 3d printers may not be able to print such a large prototype, so the more reasonable processing way is CNC machining.

The E-make company is capable of CNC machining with accuracy up to ±0.01mm.And E-make company has been providing high quality rapid prototype manufacturing services for major enterprises.If you need any help,please feel free to contact me.


3d printing metal parts

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have
1.Surface Finish.
The surface of the metal parts that make by 3D printing is very rough.
The inner of 3D printed metal parts will have small pore if the metal powder is not fully melted.These samll pore will reduce the density of parts and cause the crack and the fatigue problem.So that the choice of the metal powder is very important.
The density of the metal parts are inversely correlated with the quantity of small pore.Besides the quantity of small pore, the parts density also can be effect by the grain size of powder. Globular grain not only can improve the fluidity of powder,but also can improve the density of parts.
4.Residual Stress
The residual stress is cause by the heat and cold change, expansion and contraction during the 3D printing process.When the tensile strength of residual stress over than the material’s,the parts will have defect,such as crack.

Silicone prototype

Silicone is a kind of plastic products mainly used for making prototype models,and often used to make various silicone models.
Silicone prototype is used on small products or products with good patterns,It is necessary to use soft silicone rubber to make the mold. This is because the precise and small products are easy to be damaged in the mold during the prototype out of the mould time. Therefore, soft silicone must be used to manufacture the mold.
But if you are copying a large product or making a large product, you must use silicone with high hardness to making a mold to keep the product from deforming.
The E-make company is capable of making silicone vacuum casting,including vacuum casting transparent parts, high-temperature resistant silicone laminating and soft rubber materials.
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injection molding service

The Feature Of Injection Moulding

The Feature Of Injection Moulding

1.The injection moulded parts is with high precision and small tolerance.
2.The moulded parts has small weight deviationas,generally under 0.7%.
3.The material of mould is good,which make it has great rigidity.The mold cavity also have high precision dimensions,surface roughness and positional accuracy between template.
4.Using precision injection machine.
5.Using precision injection moulding process,which can accurately control the mold temperature,molding period and the weight of parts.
6.Using the plastic material which can suitable for injection moulding process,such as PPS,PPA,PC,PMMA,PA,POM,etc.

The difference between injection moulding and rapid prototype

The prototype is usually processed with plastic or metal on a CNC machine or 3D printed or vacuum casting, making several samples or small batch production.The use of the mold refers to the processing of the mold first, and then using the mold to injection mold the batch production of products. Generally, a prototype is provided to the customer for confirmation, and after the confirmation, the mold is used for mass production.

And The prototype is the sample of the product. When your design drawing comes out, the product just designed cannot be perfect in general, and may not even be able to be used. Once there is any defect in direct production, all the products will be wasted, and it will greatly waste human and material resources and time.The production cycle of prototype is short, the loss of manpower and material resources is less, can quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and then improve it, for the product design to provide sufficient basis for mass production.

The mold is the metal mold of each plastic and metal piece after the confirmation of the prototype, which can produce the parts with certain shape and size precision requirements.It is steel model commonly, to machine tool, cutlery requirement is a lot higher than processing prototype, and processing cost is also a lot higher.The commodity such as the shell of the TV set, telephone, plastic bucket that we live commonly, it is to heat plastic to pour into mould to cool molding production.

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cnc milling plastic

Material For Plastic prototype

Material For Plastic prototype
Making plastic prototype commonly use ABS,PC,PMMA,Nylon,POM and so on.Below is the material performance for reference.

ABS is the abbreviation of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic,which unify organically the properties of PB, PAN and PS.Therefore,ABS has good mechanical performance,such as nice impact strength,stable dimension,low water absorption, good corrosion resistance,high mechanical strength and rigidity.ABS also has great chemical properties and electrical insulation properties.For example,it can keep the shap when heating.

PC(Polycarbonate) is a transparent material that has excellent performance in mechanical property, insulating property and heat aging resistance.It usually be use for making medical prototyping and beauty equipment.

PMMA(polymethyl methacrylate),we also call it Acrylic that is a high transparency and brightness material.Main performance of PMMA is stable chemical resistance,good heat resistance and toughness,which is easy for machining and painting.

POM(polyformaldehyde) has great wear resistance,high mechanical strength and rigidness,but poor corrosion resistance and adhesiveness.

There still have other materials that can be use for making plastic prototype.Different performance’s material making different functional prototyping.Shenzhen E-Make Model Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in CNC rapid prototyping,we custom make prototypes according to customer’s requirement.If you want to realize your design,is welcome to contact us !