Car rear light prototype manufacturing

Car rear light prototype manufacturing

Name:car rear light prototype


Color:can custom any color according customer requirements.




Size:The dimensions of 3D drawings provided by customers shall prevail



Types:prototype of auto parts


Characteristics of prototype:


1,Clear lines,relying on imported equipment and unique process design, precision machining makes the line stripe path and outline more clear and smooth.


2,High efficient,strong strength.The company focuses on prototype processing for 12 years,we have accumulated a lot of relevant experience and talents,can efficiently meet customer requirements ,Meet customer requirements under the premise of faster order completion.


3,Higher precision, imported equipment, precision tolerance ±0.05mm.


4,Fast efficiency and short processing time.


Excellent talents, a wider range of processing size.


 1,High quality and reasonable price

 2,Machining, drawing or sample.

3,Can according 3D drawings and 2d drawings。

4,3D drawing file format :IGS/X-T/PRT/STP /STL is all available.

5,Custom samples and technical specifications are welcome。

Automobile rear light hand plate model can be carried out:

1,CNC machining



4, electroplating


E-make prototype advantages and strength characteristics:

1,Quote in 1 hour, delivery in 2 working days.

2,Our company has SLS and DLP from Germany, SLA rapid prototyping equipment from America, Stratasys 3D printer from America, metal powder 3D printer from America, and ProJet860 full-color 3D printing equipment from America. Taiwan imported CNC machining center 10 sets, vacuum casting, low pressure perfusion.

3,Prototype appearance can be spray paint, electroplating, wire drawing, screen printing.

4,We can make 3D printing prototype, plastic prototype, hardware prototypr, function prototype, appearance prototype, transparent prototype, high temperature resistant prototype, coffee machine prototype, kitchen appliance hand board, auto parts hand board and so on.

5,Packing: inner packaging: pearl cotton, transparent bag. Outer package: carton.


If you need do auto parts prototype,please feel free to contact us .

CNC wood parts

CNC wood parts

1,CNC machining of commonly used wood

maple, walnut, oak, beech, etc


1,Purchase wood of appropriate size according to the size of parts

2, programming

3,Put the wood on the CNC machine, position it, input the program and start the processing
4. Hand-handling dander, varnishing etc. (Because the wood material has a low density, it is easy to break the parts during processing, and it can be repaired by hand)

The importance of prototype

The prototype, or product model, may also be called a product sample.Why do people need to make a prototype?Making prototype is a key link in product design process, which provides reliable material basis for guaranteeing the feasibility of product design and product preparation for trial production.The main reason that follows to introduce to make prototype.
(1)Inspection design:
The prototype is not only visible, but also touchable. It can directly reflect the designer’s creativity in the form of real objects, avoiding the disadvantage of “good painting but bad true thing”.
(2)Inspection structure design:
Because the prototype can assemble, it can directly reflect the reasonable structure, as well as the difficulty of installation.Facilitate early detection of problems, problems to solve.
(3)Avoid the risk of making molds directly:
Because the cost of mold manufacturing is generally very high, if in the process of mold opening found unreasonable structure or other problems, the loss can be imagined.
(4)Bringing the product to market much earlier:
Because of the advanced prototype production, you can use the prototype before the development of the mold for product publicity, and even early sales, production preparation, as early as possible to occupy the market.
The E-make team has more than 30 years of combined experience in prototype machining, CNC manufacturing, vacuum casting service.and has a high-level technological group of 25 peoples.The processing quality of the rapid manufacturing is stable, the processing precision is high, and the appearance is exquisite. E-make company has been providing high quality rapid prototype manufacturing services for major enterprises.

Vacuum casting service

What is vacuum casting?

The vacuum casting is use of the original sample to make a silicone mold, and is poured under vacuum to make the same piece as the original sample. The vacuum casting speed is fast and the cost is low, which greatly reduces the development cost, cycle and risk of the product.
1, select materials
Currently making materials for silicone molds:1,ordinary silicone: color translucent, milky white, light yellow, gray and so on. Hardness is usually between 40-70. More used are mobile phone buttons, miscellaneous items and so on.

2, meteorological glue, color: transparent. Commonly used between 40-60, due to the transparency of this material, strong tensile strength, high cost. generally used in high-end products that require high elasticity.

2,Product materials: POM, ABS, PC.
1: PC, good heat dissipation performance, uniform heat dispersion; high impact strength, good dimensional stability, colorless and transparent, good coloring, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, but poor self-lubrication, It has a tendency to stress cracking, is easily hydrolyzed at high temperature, and has poor compatibility with other resins. High strength, high temperature resistance, long-term use can withstand 130 degrees Celsius temperature environment, good transparency, non-toxic. Suitable for making small instrument parts, insulating transparent parts and impact resistant parts.

2: POM, light yellow or white, thin-walled part is translucent, POM strength, high stiffness, good elasticity, good wear and wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength and rigidity; highest fatigue strength; environmental resistance Good resistance to organic solvents; strong resistance to repeated impact; wide temperature range (-40 ° C ~ 120 ° C); good electrical properties; good recovery; self-lubricating, good wear resistance.

3: ABS, ABS has better comprehensive performance, high impact strength, good chemical stability and good electrical properties; high impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent, etc.; fluidity is better than PMMA, PC, etc. Good flexibility; suitable for making general mechanical parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts and telecommunications parts. Most of the automotive interior panels are made of ABS.

3, silicone mold production: making silicone mold, after drying, the silicone mold is cut open, and the prototype is taken out.
4. injection: Inject liquid plastic material into the silicone mold and wait for drying.


CNC Machining Prototype

CNC Machining Prototype

CNC rapid prototyping,a processing with fast producing speed,using raw material to manufacturing prototype by CNC machine.The cnc machined parts with nice surface finish,especially after painting,silk-printing and PVD coating, the surface’s effect is very closed to the moulding machining parts.

CNC manufacturing can use ABS,POM,PC,PA,metal and other material to machining prototype for satisfying different customer’s request.However,the prototype will have very great strength and toughness if the machined material is with high quality and high density.

The Cost Of CNC Precision Machining

1.The material cost is lower if using pure ABS,PP and the other pure material.

2.CNC machining process need to program the procedure and split the parts sometimes,but one cnc machining equipment needs to be operated by 3 or 4 workers,that’s why cnc machining takes more labor cost.Therefore,the cost of cnc machining is up to the complexity and the expending of material.More complex parts needs more workload for splitting and programming,which means will takes more working time and machining cost.

The Advantage Of CNC Machining

1.Using engineering plastics has cheaper price and more selection of materials.
2.The cnc machining equipment with more stable performance,is easier to operate.
3.CNC machining processing is more suitable for producing the parts with large size and simple structure.
The Material That CNC Machining usually use
ABS 、PC、POM 、PP 、PMMA、Nylon、bakelite、aluminum alloy、Zinc alloy、mild steel、copper、stain steel,etc.,PTFE,PBT,PPS,PEET also can be machining material.


How does the CNC rapid prototyping manufacturer guarantee the processing quality?

CNC Rapid prototyping manufacturer are generally according to the actual needs of customers to make prototype.Good quality prototypes have strong reliability and are more conducive to verifying the research of new products.You may wonder how the CNC rapid prototyping manufacturer guarantees the quality of the processing?
First, the CNC rapid prototyping manufacturer will start with the selection of materials, and the choice of materials is very important.Considering the strength, toughness and environmental performance of the material.
The second is the processing process. Under the strict and confidential production system, the skilled and experienced CNC rapid prototyping masters follow up the whole process to ensure stable processing quality.
Finally, the surface finish selects the appropriate process, and the steps are carried out to control the details. When the parts finished and it will be sent to our quality department for inspection. Key dimensions are measured and recorded on our FAI report. Each batch includes a FAI or OQC report. Then the parts will be packaged and sent to you

The E-make team has more than 30 years of combined experience in prototype machining, CNC manufacturing, vacuum casting service.and has a high-level technological group of 25 peoples.The processing quality of the rapid manufacturing is stable, the processing precision is high, and the appearance is exquisite. E-make company has been providing high quality rapid prototype manufacturing services for major enterprises.