3D printing large prototype

Prototypes are usually required for products that have just been developed or designed. Prototypes are the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. It is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, shortcomings, and drawbacks of the designed product.So as to improve the defects in a targeted manner, until the shortcomings can not be found in prototypes.

The prototype is usually made by CNC and 3D printing. However, some products are too complicated and big to be processed by CNC.But 3D printing cannot be process large product. Therefore, large 3D printing parts are needed make in two pieces then paste together.

The processing process of 3D printing large prototype:

1,The engineer checks the drawing and evaluates the disassembly method, selects the most appropriate place to disassemble according to the structure and performance of the product, draws the 3D drawing of the disassembly part, and then writes the program to print each part of the part separately.

2, polish:The printed parts have excess material that needs to be polished clean .

3,The polished parts need to be glued together with glue, and the glued parts need to be polished smooth , otherwise the sticking marks will be obvious after painting.

4,painting:The pasted parts need to be taken to the painting room to painting according to the customer’s desired color, and then dried.

5,QC:The dried parts need to be taken to the Quality control department for size and appearance inspection. At this time, the product looks the same as the whole product without any trace of sticking. ,After checking the size there is no problem, it will be packaged and shipped.