Die-casting service

Die-casting aluminum is a kind of pressure-casting part.It uses a die-casting machine equipped with a casting mold to pour the heated liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into the inlet of the die-casting machine.After die-casting by the die-casting machine,the casting is constrained by the mold Shapes and dimensions of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts.

The advantages of custom-made die casting are:

  1. You can design your own appearance,completely personalized customization,as long as you have an idea,we can help you complete it.
  2. There are many options for metal surface treatment technology,such as general electroplating process,painting, oil pump,electrophoresis,etc.We can all help you customize die casting;
  3. You can also customize your own LOGO.
  4. The raw materials can also be selected,aluminum die-cast casing and aluminum alloy profiles,the metal texture after pressing will be very good.

The raw materials used in die casting are different.Die casting products can be divided into aluminum alloy casting, magnesium alloy casting,zinc alloy casting,copper alloy casting and other categories.

Aluminum alloy die-casting is a kind of pressure-casting parts, and its advantages are mainly divided into 5 aspects:

  1. Aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity,electrical conductivity and cutting performance.
  2. Aluminum alloy has low density and high strength,and the ratio of tensile strength to density is 9-15.When working at high or low temperature,the aluminum alloy can also maintain good mechanical properties.
  3. Aluminum alloy is easy to stick when die-casting,and the iron mass fraction of die-cast aluminum alloy is generally controlled in the range of 0.8% to 0.9% to reduce the phenomenon of sticking.
  4. Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.Most aluminum alloys have good corrosion resistance in fresh water,sea water,concentrated nitric acid, nitro-hydrochloric acid,gasoline and various organic substances.

Because of its low density and high-quality performance ratio, aluminum alloy has greatly reduced the weight of the car body, and has outstanding safety performance.It has become a new type of car body material recently promoted by car manufacturers.The application proportion of die-casting aluminum alloy in the car body is showing a significant upward trend.At present,the aluminum alloy die casting process has been widely used in various fields.The main use is still in the parts or shells of some equipment.

The E-make team has more than 30 years of combined experience in prototype machining,CNC manufacturing,Die casting service.We can provide high-quality metal/aluminum alloy die-casting services!And has a high-level technological group of 25 peoples.The processing quality of the rapid manufacturing is stable, the processing precision is high, and the appearance is exquisite.If you need any help,please feel free to contact us!