Die casting-Aluminum part

Aiming at the shortcomings of die-cast aluminum: “Due to the high speed of liquid metal filling the cavity when die-casting aluminum, the fluid state is unstable, so the general die-casting aluminum method is used, and the casting is prone to pores and cannot be heat treated.” So it is easy to cause poor appearance of the product,and the defective rate of the product is very high.

Now there is a new process: extrusion aluminum + die-cast aluminum. That is, the exterior surface of the middle frame of the product is extruded with profile, and the internal structural surface of the middle frame is die-cast. The process is to place the aluminum profile into a mold after preliminary CNC processing, and then die-cast the internal structure. At high temperatures, the contact surface between the profile aluminum and the die-cast aluminum is partially molten, which makes the two more closely integrated.


  • Significantly reduce CNC machining time, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Close structure
  • The appearance surface anodizing not affected by die-cast aluminum, avoiding the defects of die-cast aluminum anodizing.

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