The difference between injection moulding and rapid prototype

The prototype is usually processed with plastic or metal on a CNC machine or 3D printed or vacuum casting, making several samples or small batch production.The use of the mold refers to the processing of the mold first, and then using the mold to injection mold the batch production of products. Generally, a prototype is provided to the customer for confirmation, and after the confirmation, the mold is used for mass production.

And The prototype is the sample of the product. When your design drawing comes out, the product just designed cannot be perfect in general, and may not even be able to be used. Once there is any defect in direct production, all the products will be wasted, and it will greatly waste human and material resources and time.The production cycle of prototype is short, the loss of manpower and material resources is less, can quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and then improve it, for the product design to provide sufficient basis for mass production.

The mold is the metal mold of each plastic and metal piece after the confirmation of the prototype, which can produce the parts with certain shape and size precision requirements.It is steel model commonly, to machine tool, cutlery requirement is a lot higher than processing prototype, and processing cost is also a lot higher.The commodity such as the shell of the TV set, telephone, plastic bucket that we live commonly, it is to heat plastic to pour into mould to cool molding production.

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