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Prototype model can avoid the risk of making molds

Prototype models can avoid the risk of producing molds, reduce the time for products to come out, and have a great help in seizing the market. You can also use the prototype products for publicity planning before the development and design of the model, and even make early market sales. And the production site management work. Prototype models are divided into three categories: appearance prototypes, structural prototypes, and vacuum casting.
Appearance prototypes are mainly used to test product appearance specifications, color matching, material interaction, cost evaluation, and market research; Structural prototypes are key to interactions between the internal installation structure of the product, material compressive strength analysis, characteristic inspection, and Cost evaluation, new product investment,etc.,thereby reducing the risk of immediate production of molds.
Vacuum casting is mainly used to test various characteristics of new products in small batches, further improve the feasibility analysis of mass production of new products, and that can also be used to attract new products.
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