Cnc Machining Acrylic Parts

Acrylic Rapid Prototpying

Acrylic Rapid Prototpying
We usually will use acrylic or PC as material to make prototypes if we need the parts be transparent or semi-transparent.If we have high requirement about the transparency of the product,acrylic is a great choice.
Acrylic,we also call it as PMMA,which is a organic glass.Below is some information about acrylic made prototype.
1.The way of acrylic parts machining.
For quantity production,we usually use injection molding process to produce acrylic product.For prototype production,we prefer to make the acrylic parts by CNC milling,CNC turning or vacuum casting proess,which process is more suitable to use is up to the feature that the product require,such as the strength and structure.For example,the strength of the parts is better if make by CNC machining technology.But for small brach production,vacuum casting (urethane casting) is a nice option.
2.The advantage of acrylic prototype.
Acrylic material have nice transparency,so the acrylic made prototype can be crystal clear after polish.PC prototype also can be polish to clear,but the transparency is not good as acrylic.
3.The disvantage of acrylic protoype
Acrylic material is friable and have poor toughness because of its physical property.Therefor,we need to be very careful as it is is prone to damage during machining.
4.The surface treatment of acrylic prototype.
For some mechanical parts,if we didn’t have special requirement of the surface finish for the acrylic parts,we don’t need to do any surface finish,just the tooling surface is fine.If we need a smooth surface for the parts,we will grind or milled sand the parts.If we need a frosted surface,we will get it by sandblasting.If we need a crystal clear surface,we will need to sand the parts,and then polish them,which will takes many time,so this surface effect is more expensive to get.If we need the acrylic product has mirro surface and with colors,such as shiny rose gold or silver,we will make them by electroplating.This surface looks really great,but will need the parts have very nice smooth surface before plating.So we will need to polish the parts before plating work.
5.The application of the acrylic prototype.
Mostly,we will use the acrylic made parts as cosmetic parts,which means we will require high requirement for the surface finish.Of course,the surface might not so important if just a mechanical parts.
Our factory are professional in making acrylic product in many years,our team have enough experience can help in acrylic product deverlopemnt and production.If you have any project need to make prototypes or production,we are glad to receive your inquiry.