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Analysis of the five elements that need to be met in injection molding

Plastic molding is the process of making various forms (powders, pellets, solutions and dispersion) of plastics into products or blanks in the desired shape.The manufacturing process of most cosmetic packaging materials is mainly through the four key processes of mold molding, surface treatment,printing,and assembly.The molding process is an indispensable key part.Injection molding is a method of producing shapes for industrial products.Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding.Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding compression method and die-casting method.Injection molding machine is the main molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make plastic products of various shapes. Injection molding is realized by injection molding machines and molds.

The five elements that need to be met in injection molding are:

  1. Temperature:Temperature is the first step of injection molding.Temperature can be divided into:drying temperature,material temperature,mold temperature, these are some of the most important factors.The drying temperature is to dry the polymer in advance in order to ensure the quality of the molding,to ensure that the dry and wet of the polymer are within a certain amount;The material temperature is to ensure that the polymer is plasticized normally,and the mold is filled and formed smoothly;
  2. Speed:Speed is divided into:injection speed,Melting speed,loosening and retreating speed,opening and closing mold speed,thimble forward and backward speed.The increase of the injection speed will affect the increase of the filling pressure,and the increase of the injection speed can increase the flow length,and the product quality can be uniform to ensure the quality of the product.High-speed injection is suitable for long-process products,and the size of the product is controlled at low speed;Melting speed affects plasticizing ability,plastic mold processing is an important parameter of plasticizing quality,the higher the speed,the higher the melt temperature,the stronger the plasticizing ability;
  3. Pressure:Pressure is divided into: injection pressure,holding pressure, back pressure,clamping pressure,mold protection pressure,ejection pressure.
  4. Position:The position can be divided into:mold opening position, ejection retreat stroke,metering stroke,leg loosening amount,injection stroke,and buffering amount.The mold opening position is to ensure the normal operation of the demolding parts.The effect of the ejection back stroke on the partial spring return to the ejection limit protection.The metering stroke is to ensure that there is enough plastic to fill the mold to ensure product quality.
  5. Time:The time is divided into:cooling time,sol time,drying time, cooling time,melting time,drying time,cycle,injection time,and pressure holding time.The molding of plastic shell paintingproducts requires a certain period of time.The holding time is to prevent the melt back flow and cooling shrinkage.The cooling time ensures that the product is solidified and prevents deformation;the melting time is to ensure that the glue is fully melted;the drying time is to ensure that the product does not become elongated or defective.

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