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CNC Machining And Die Casting Process

CNC Machining And Die Casting Process
For metal made product,we all know they can be made by CNC machining process or die casting process,but there are much difference between them.
CNC machining is a precision machining process,including CNC milling,CNC turning,CNC drilling,etc.The Advantage of CNC machining is as following.
A,CNC machining can process the workpieces with complex shape,which no need to use complicated tooling.Also,If we need to modify the shape or the dimensions of the workpiece,we just need to change the the machining program.That is why CNC machining is more suitable for manufacturing the new product in prototype stage.
B,The quality of the workpiece made by CNC machining is stable, also,the machining accuracy and the repeated machining precision is high.
C,The production efficiency is higher in the case of multiple varieties and small batch production,which is helpful to reduce production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection time.
D,Most of materials can be made by CNC machining,such as wood,bamboo,plastic (ABS,POM,PC,PMMA,PTFE,bakelite,etc) and metal (aluminum,copper,brass,steel,etc).
E,Most of the surface treatment process can be used for the CNC processed products,such as anodizing,painting,electroplating,powder coating,sandblasting,etc.
The disadvantage of CNC machining is high technical requirements for machine operators and machine maintenance personnel,also the production cost is more expensive and not cost-effetive for the bulk production,on the contrary,die casting process is very cost-effetive for the production of large quantities of metal products.Even Though,die casting also have it’s advantage and disadvantage.
Die casting process is a kind of metal casting,the characteristic is by using the inner cavity of the mold to apply high pressure to the molten metal, which is similar to the process of injection molding.Most of die castings do not contain iron, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other materials are formed by alloy casting.
The advantage of die casting process
A,As we said above,die casting is very cost-efftive way for the bulk prodution of metal parts,expecially the small and medium size metal parts.
B,Comparing with the other casting process,the surface of die casting is more smooth,so the product size consistency is very high.
C,The production efficiency of die casting is very high.
D,After mold finish,it can be used to casting at least tens of thousands of products,so the cost of the unit parts is very low.
The disadvantage of die casting
A,Due to the high filling speed of liquid metal in the mold cavity and unstable flow state,if use the general die casting method,the castins is easy to produce pores and cannot be heat treated
B,Die casting is hard to produce the castings with complex concave;
C,The tooling is very expensive,so die casting is not suitable for small batch production.
D,The material that die castings can use is limited.

Therefore,for developing the new products or small batch production or the product with very complex structure,CNC machining process might be a better option.But for the mature product with great sales and require large quantity,die casting may more suitable.