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Small batch Vacuum casting service

What is small batch vacuum casting , vacuum casting is one of a craft in prototype machining.To put it simply, the product prototype is suspended in the air with various supports, the upper baffle around is filled with silicone, and remove the air inside the silicone then put into the vacuum mould machine to wait for the silicone to solidify and dry. Finally, the silicone mold is cut open with a knife.
Small batch vacuum casting is an indispensable prototype machining technology, which can greatly reduce the cost of direct development of steel die. After all, customers only need dozens or hundreds of sets of products to test the market response .And if the direct opening of steel mold cost is too high, then may not be worth the loss.
What’s more,small batch vacuum casting service can be very good to solve the problem of customers, low cost, fast delivery, product quality and steel die out of the same.And importantly, if the design of the product at the time of development defects, not found in a timely manner, the cost of late mold change is much higher than small batch vacuum casting service.Therefore, the best way to test the market response to the product is to vacuum casting in small batches.
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