Custom Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

In order to verify the appearance,structure and dimensions of new product,to see if the new product’s design is perfect or not,rapid prototyping is the first step.Because we can recognize the design problem when we test the prototype.In other words,rapid prototyping can help to reduce the risk of developing mould.
According to the material used for making prototype,there are plastic prototype,metal prototype and rubber prototype.
Plastic prototype is making out of plastic material,such as television,displayer,etc.
Rubber prototype is making out of rubber material,mainly be use for displaying the appearance of product,such as car,phone,toy,etc.
Metal prototype is making out of aluminum alloy,stainless steel,etc.It is mainly be used for making high-grade product,such as laptop.
According the effect of the prototypes,there are exterior prototype,structural prototype and functional prototype.
Exterior prototypes are solid and without functionality,which made for checking the appearance of the product.
Structure prototypes are hollow,which made for checking the the rationality of the product structure.It will be functional if install electronic components into the structure prototype.
Functional prototypes need to has same appearance,structure and functionality as the finished product.That is why machining functional prototypes is harder than the exterior prototype and structural prototype.
Both of SLA/SLA 3D printing and CNC machining process can be used for making rapid prototyping.Shenzhen E-Make Model Technology Co., Ltd are specialized in rapid prototyping,is welcome to contact us for custom your design!