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The way of making large-scale prototype

In the rapid prototyping industry, most of making the prototypes are small size of prototype,then the small size of the prototype will does not exceed the machine’s processing stroke, so the processing is relatively easy.But sometimes, the rapid prototyping manufacturer will also encounter some customer requirements to produce larger size prototype, especially the length of the prototype more than 1000mm, but that will more than CNC processing travel of a lot of rapid prototyping manufacturer, and the Processing will be more difficult.In view of this situation what processing method should be used more suitable for making large-scale prototype ?

When making large-size prototype, it is mainly because of its large volume. Therefore, if the machining stroke of CNC is relatively small, we need to disassemble the prototype for production, and then glue each part together.But in here we need to pay more attention to the choice of material, this way of producing the prototypes can not affect the strength and appearance of the prototype.3d printing is an expensive way to produce prototypes. The main reason is that the materials in this way are more expensive. Large-size prototype naturally require more materials.And some 3d printers may not be able to print such a large prototype, so the more reasonable processing way is CNC machining.

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