plastic 3d printing

What Material Can be Use For 3D Printing?

3D printing is a technology that we usually use in making prototyping.According to the different requirement of prototype,that different material with different specification is need.There is some material as below that can be use in 3D printing.

1.Polymer Material
With good strength,impact resistance and heat resistance,polimer material is a most widely used of 3D printing materials,which usually be use to make industrial parts.The common polymer material we use is ABS,PA,PC,PEEK,etc.

2.Metal Material
The form of metal material for 3D printing is metal powders,metal foil and metal wire.We can print these metal material by SLS,DMLS and EMB 3D pritning machine.

3.Ceramic Material.
Ceramic material with high strength,high hardness,low density and chemical resistance,is usually be use as aviation,car and home decoration material.

4.Composite Material
Carbon fiber is a emerging 3D printing material,with nice high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

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