3d printing metal parts

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have

The Problem That Metal 3D Printing Have
1.Surface Finish.
The surface of the metal parts that make by 3D printing is very rough.
The inner of 3D printed metal parts will have small pore if the metal powder is not fully melted.These samll pore will reduce the density of parts and cause the crack and the fatigue problem.So that the choice of the metal powder is very important.
The density of the metal parts are inversely correlated with the quantity of small pore.Besides the quantity of small pore, the parts density also can be effect by the grain size of powder. Globular grain not only can improve the fluidity of powder,but also can improve the density of parts.
4.Residual Stress
The residual stress is cause by the heat and cold change, expansion and contraction during the 3D printing process.When the tensile strength of residual stress over than the material’s,the parts will have defect,such as crack.