plastic 3d printing

3D printing PLA material

3D printing PLA material


PLA (Poly Lactice Acid) is a new type of biodegradable material. It can be processed from starch raw materials , and the production process is pollution-free and can be degraded.

Material advantages:

Directly degradable environmentally friendly bioplastics, low melting point, small shrinkage ratio, not easy to warp or deform, good printing flatness, suitable for models that do not require processing.

Material weaknesses:

Temperatures above 60°C will deform PLA materials. PLA material is fragile and cannot be used to make handles for tools or parts that will drop repeatedly.




Auto electronic lamps and other parts production.

Can be used for lens packaging fluid analysis RTV mold durable concept model wind test and other practical production activities


PLA can break if it is slightly bent and is not suitable for making thin things.