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How is the quality and safety of plastic molds guaranteed?

Plastic mold processing refers to the plastic molding and plastic blank tool processing, with the upper mold and the next two parts, its basic features are as follows:

(1) high precision machining requirements

A mold is generally composed of die, punch and mold frame, and some may also be more than a split module. So the combination of the upper and lower molds, the combination of the insert and the cavity, the punching between the modules requires a high degree of machining accuracy. Precision precision of the mold is often up to a micron level.


(2) complex surface

Some products such as car covers, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, the shape of the surface is a combination of a variety of surfaces, so the mold cavity surface is very complex. Some surfaces must be processed mathematically.


(3) small batch

The production of molds is not mass production in batches, and in many cases it often produces only one pay.

(4) process more

Mold processing always used milling, boring, drilling, hinge and tapping and other processes.


(5) repeat production

The use of mold is life-long. When the use of a pair of mold over its life, it is necessary to replace the new mold, so the mold production is often repeatable.

(6) profiling

Mold production sometimes no pattern, no data, but also according to the physical copy processing. This requires high imitation precision, no deformation.


(7) mold material is excellent, high hardness

The main material of the mold is made of high quality alloy steel, especially the high life mold, often used Crl2, CrWMn and other lignocellitic steel. This kind of steel from rough forging, processing to heat treatment are strict requirements. So the preparation of processing technology can not be ignored, heat treatment deformation is also the need to seriously deal with the problem.

Understand the basic characteristics of plastic mold processing, in the selection of machine tools to meet the processing requirements as much as possible. Such as the function of the CNC system to be strong, high precision machine, rigid, thermal stability is better, with copy function. Official website: http: //

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