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Precision 5 Aixs CNC Machining

Precision 5 Aixs CNC Machining
With the growing maturity of domestic numerical control technology,recently five CNC machining center has been more and more widely used in various fields.Precision 5 axis cnc machining is the important way to solve the problem when we need to make the mechanical product with complex structure and require high quality and high tolerance.For example,the aerospace,military industries,the car product and the mould parts will need the 5 aixs machine to meet the high efficiency, high quality processing.
About 5 axis machining,there are also a problem regarding True and false five-axis machine.The biggest difference between them is the RTCP functionality.
RTCP,we also call it as Rotated Tool Center Point,which is a tool point following function.In five-axis machining, when the tool nose point trajectory and the posture between the tool and the workpiece are pursued, additional movement of the tool nose point occurs due to the rotary motion. The control point of the numerical control system often does not coincide with the tool tip point, so the numerical control system must automatically correct the control point to ensure that the tool tip point moves according to the established trajectory of the command.This technology is also known as TCPM,TCPC,or RPCP functionality.
In the production machining,three axis processing equipment is more common used.There are vertical, horizontal and gantry and other forms.Common processing methods are end milling cutter edge processing, edge processing.Ball head knife copying processing and so on.However,both of 3 axis machine and 5 axis machine have a common feature,that is,in the process of machining,the direction of the knife axis always remains the same.
Compare to the 3 axis machine,the advantage of 5 axis CNC machine is as below.
1.It can maintain the best cutting state of the tool and improve the cutting conditions.
2.It can effectively avoid tool interference.
3.It can reduce the clamping times because one clamping can complete the processing of five sides.
4.It can Improve processing quality and efficiency.
5.It can shorten the production process chain and simplify production management
The more complex of the mechanical parts, the greater its advantage over traditional decentralized production methods.But the disadvantage of the 5 axis machined is the tool control,the numerical control system,the CAM programming and post-processing are much more complex than 3 axis.
Machining the workpieces by 3 axis machine or 5 aixs machine,which one is better is depends on how complex the shape of the product is,and how much precision the product requires.If just for making a parts with simple shape,of course 3 axis machine is a better choice,and more cost-effective.