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The Advantage And The Disvantage Of Painting

The Advantage And The Disvantage Of Painting
In order to decorate and protect the surafce of product,we usually will use painting process.Below is the advantage and the disvantage of painting process.
1.Variety of paints and wide selection.There is many kinds of paint,we can make the choice according to our requirement about the product performance,the product application,the operating environment and so on.
2.Full painting method.Such as spread coating,dip coating,electrophoretic coating,air spraying,etc.
3.Smooth and great surface.The surface of product is smooth and nice after painting.
1.Painting process require high operating technology.
2.Poor environmental protection.

Generally,we will prefer to use powder coating to do the surface treatment for metal parts and use the painting process for the plastic parts.Which surface finish process is better is up to your requirement about the product.E-make are professional in CNC machining,3D printing,molding and surface finish process,it is welcome to contact us if you want to custom make your product.