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The inspection design prototype is not only visible,but also touchable. Therefore,the prototype can vividly reflect the artistic creativity of the interior designer in a physical way,preventing “drawing beautifully but making it unsightly”Shortcomings.So,prototype manufacturing is indispensable in the development of new products and the deliberation of product appearance.

Check the structural design.Since the prototype is installable,the prototype can visually reflect the effectiveness of the product structure and the level of difficulty of installation,which is conducive to finding problems and solving difficulties in time.

Prevent the risk of opening the mold immediately,because the cost of mold processing is generally very high.If the structure is found to be unscientific or other problems in the process of mold opening,the damage is obvious.Prototype manufacturing can prevent such damage and reduce the risk of mold release.

Make the product launch time much earlier,because of the advancement of prototype production,you can use the prototype for product promotion before the mold is developed,and even the early sales and production preparations to occupy the market as soon as possible.

According to the manufacturing process,the prototype is divided into CNC prototype and manual prototype;

CNC prototypes are mainly produced and processed by CNC machines. According to different production equipment,they are divided into laser rapid prototyping technology and CNC prototypes.

During this period,the prototypes of laser rapid prototyping technology are mainly matched with SLA prototypes,that is,prototypes produced and processed by using the skills of laser rapid prototyping technology. In fact,it matches with other CNC prototypes:CNC prototypes.That is,the CNC machine is used to produce the processed prototype model.

Advantages of CNC prototype:The advantage of the CNC prototype is that it can accurately reflect the information content represented by the engineering drawings.The surface quality of the CNC prototype is very high, especially in the middle and later stages of production and processing.The parts need to be painted.Therefore,CNC prototype manufacturing has increasingly become the mainstream of the prototype manufacturing industry.

If you want the prototype model to be close to the finished product and to detect the actual effect of the appearance,you must make a prototype model.After the prototype model is completed,it must be polished. What is the polishing of the prototype model?

Prototype model polishing is to eliminate burrs,oily dust on the surface of the part or the surface of the material,reduce the surface roughness of the surface of the product,and improve the adhesion of the coating after polishing the old paint film.Prototype model polishing can be divided into traditional manual polishing and modern polishing.

After a prototype part is CNC processed,its surface will inevitably cause many burrs and knife marks.At this time,it is necessary to manually solve this problem manually.Generally,people will choose sandpaper for sanding,or sanding and polishing.The basic appearance solutions include sanding,sandblasting,sanding and polishing,coloring,silk screen ink,and electroplating.

As a professional manufacturer,we have the capabilities to produce the finest Visual Design Models,Full-functional Engineering Prototypes or Low volume production runs that allow you to proof your designs thoroughly,and help you to focus on key elements of product development.

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Application of ABS material in 3D printing

ABS is one of the main materials for 3D printing.The reason why it can become a consumable for 3D printing is determined by its characteristics. ABS materials have heat resistance,impact resistance,low temperature resistance,chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties,Product dimension stability and other characteristics.

At present,ABS is the most stable material among 3D printing materials. It has good hot melt and impact strength,and it is also the preferred engineering plastic for fused deposition molding 3D printing process.For now,ABS is mainly pre-made into silk and powdered.The application range of ABS materials covers almost all daily necessities,engineering supplies and some mechanical supplies,and has a wide range of applications in automobiles,home appliances,consumer electronics and other fields.

Printing performance:

  1. ABS materialis quite easy to print.No matter what kind of extruder is used,the material will be extruded smoothly without worrying about clogging or solidification.However,the steps of ABS material after the extruder are a bit difficult.ABS material has the characteristic of shrinking when exposed to cold,and will partially fall off the heating plate and hang in the air,then it will be causing problems.In addition,if the height of the products that needs 3D printing is very high,the ABS material sometimes peels off the entire layer during the 3d printing process.Therefore,the heating plate cannot be omitted when ABS material is used for 3d printing.
  2. ABS material is relatively flexible,so it is suitable for making wearable products.

Strength:As long as 3D printing is carried out at an appropriate temperature and the layers of materials are firmly adhered,the strength of ABS will become quite high.But the ABS material is also flexible after 3D printing,even if it is under pressure,it will only bend and not break.

Odor: The biggest disadvantage of ABS material is that it produces a strong odor during 3d printing.Regardless of the material,it is recommended that you perform 3D printing in a well-ventilated room. This is especially true when using ABS materials.

ABS-M30 is a production-grade plastic that is specially designed for 3D printing with FDM technology.This strong and common material helps to test and repeat the work more frequently,Ultimately reduce risks and create better products,speeding up the time to market.

Due to performance reasons and the price is more suitable,3d printing ABS material it is very suitable for conceptual models and parts with medium requirements, including functional prototypes.The colors of ABS material are natural color,white,black,dark gray,red and blue.In addition,the color can be customized when 3d printing.

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